Reader’s retreat


Like the angel in the picture, sometimes we just need time to step back in life and think and reflect and recharge. Reading is a pastime that can help us to do that, but it’s usually something we need to ‘fit in’ around everything else.

Now, how’s this for a lovely idea… how would you like to spend three whole days being pampered in luxury surroundings with nothing to do but READ? This is the brilliant opportunity being offered by The Book Analyst Cressida Downing and friend and collaborator Sara Noel, in various venues around the UK for 2018. Part of the package includes the opportunity to spend an evening having dinner with a local author, and I was thrilled to be asked to join their retreat in Sittingbourne, Kent, on March 7th.

I’m looking forward to meeting and chatting with some lovely new readers – there’s only one or two spaces left – might one of them be you?

Further details on the retreat can be found hereĀ 

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