Dear Dad

grainlightIn the last generation or two our definition of what constitutes ‘family’ has shape-shifted beyond what many of our grandparents would recognise. It can be a tough call for one parent to do it all alone … and many tough adjustments needed when families extend through divorce, remarriage and so forth. Yet the need for a child to be loved, recognised and wanted hasn’t changed at all. I wanted to write a book about what it means to be a dad in our modern world. How that doesn’t always have to mean you’re the biological parent. How a guy who acts like a dad, advocates for you like a dad, loves you like a dad can sometimes really BE your dad in an even more significant way than the man who you happen to share your DNA with. And so my latest novel, Dear Dad, was born.

This story is about how one determined 9-year-old kid, Adam, overcomes every obstacle he meets, to get his ‘family needs’ met. In the process, two lonely and heart-wounded strangers who come together to help him, fall in love … but life’s never quite that simple is it? Along the way, a big lie has been told. It’s a lie that could scupper every chance each of them has for happiness.

Writing this story, I’ve enjoyed so much the chance to re-see things from a child’s point of view. Children can be so positive and upbeat about life. They don’t let little things like ‘reality checks’ get in the way of dreaming big dreams. They trust. They have faith! Let’s face it, when you’re four-foot-something or less and have no power whatsoever in the world, you’ve got to have faith that somehow it’s all going to work out – how else would we ever make it? Having had six children of my own, I’ve learned that kids have all the answers we once had, you see – it’s just that we’ve forgotten.

Dear Dad is out now on Amazon as an eBook & Paperback: Here