Pandora’s Box

books_pandorasAccording to legend, when Pandora’s box is opened it unleashes dark secrets and terrible consequences…

Rachel Wetherby’s life has been on hold since the diagnosis of her daughter Shelley with a debilitating – and fatal- illness.

So when Rachel’s mother offloads a box of her old possessions, including a diary, Rachel feels compelled to escape into a past which-on the surface- was carefree. But opening up the box unearths memories best left undisturbed.

Shelley, meanwhile, is juggling a secret romance with planning her own death. Convincing Rachel that she’d like to spend her 15th birthday in Cornwall where she spent so many idyllic childhood summers, she devises a dignified exit.

But nothing is as it seems and heartache and surprises lie in store for both mother and daughter…

Highly charged and morally complex, this mesmerising story told from alternate perspectives will captivate fans of Jodi Picoult and The Memory Keeper’s Daughter.