Little Miracles

books_littlemSometimes only faith can hold you together…The morally complex and heartrending novel from Giselle Green.

It should have been the perfect holiday. Julia Fearon arrives in Spain with fiance Charlie and their 14-month old son Haydn, ready to meet his family and plan their forthcoming wedding.

But Julia quickly realises it’s not just a simple case of meeting the family – she must grapple with a clan steeped in tradition, ritual and Catholicism. Unable to communicate, she becomes increasingly isolated and soon, lies from her past start to unravel, threatening her present.

But shortly, domestic strife becomes the very least of her concerns when a day at the beach leads to a terrible tragedy. A freak storm causes chaos and amidst the pandemonium Haydn disappears. Whilst the authorities presume him drowned, Julia is tortured by the possibility that her child is alive – and has been snatched. Grief-stricken, Julia’s world narrows to a desperate search to find the truth, following every lead she can, whilst surgeon Charlie throws himself into his work in an effort to return to some normality.

Soon, the cracks between Julia and Charlie threaten to engulf them both. Consumed by the fact that they may never know what happened that day, can Julia find the peace within her to let Haydn go? Or will her faith be rewarded with the truth?