I was born in Chiswick in 1960.web When I was 7, the family moved to Gibraltar where in the summer it got so hot we had ‘half-days’ at school. I was one of those rare creatures who loved school but there were beaches to go to. I wasn’t complaining.  Gibraltar is near the tip of North Africa. In the winter it still gets cold though, so like everyone else we watched telly.

As a kid, I loved Star Trek and Kung Fu (valiant-but-arrogant Kirk vs Valiant-but-humble Kwai Chang Caine). I wrote fan fiction, putting the crew of The Enterprise through such humorous expolits it made me fall right off my chair. I wrote time slip tales about kids who travelled back to Ancient Egypt. I wrote about a dragon whose best friend was a toad called Groadhop. I wrote and wrote and sent manuscripts off to publishers and – even at 11 – got encouraging feedback and wrote some more.

I read voraciously. The best gift I ever got as a kid was my camera. Those days, you had to wait to the end of the roll to develop the photos. You had to be patient and trust. You had to learn the art of delayed gratification. All good qualities for a some-day novelist to develop.

At fourteen, I met my soul-mate who I married at eighteen and we’re still together. I appreciate the good people in my life. I am loyal to those who matter. I am a Scorpio. I am interested in astrology and how everything we say and do, says something about what we are, and what we might become. If you ask me what I love (family aside): I love being out in the sunshine, listening to birds singing; I love being by the sea and places where there is a big sky – especially the Med.; I love atmospheric places like castles or walks that lead to old forgotten meadows. I love it when seeds I plant, come up; when birds in the garden visit my bird-feeder. I love being around young people and kids and I am lucky enough to have had six of my own. I love books and films and people that make me feel/think/laugh. I love that I don’t have to commute anywhere to do my job and I can set out my own work-space and I have the freedom to come and go as I like. I am also very happy getting feedback from readers who’ve stayed up till the  wee, small hours to finish one of my books – so if you are one of those, please stop by here some time.

Now, that’s enough about me, I have some fictional characters calling!





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