Falling For You


Talented teenager Rose dreams of finding love and independence, but caring for her disabled dad means she’s remained stuck in rural Kent.

Handsome paramedic Lawrence is a man on the run. Compelled to return home he knows he risks forfeiting his life – yet his concern for a young patient spurs him on.

A modern-day Romeo and Juliet, their families are enemies, but when they’re both snow-trapped in the same isolated ruin for days on end – the inevitable happens. As the thaw sets in, Rose is torn between a deep family loyalty to her father and her feelings for Lawrence. As her career hopes suddenly open up for Rose, she discovers that Lawrence is facing face both a past – and a family – that threaten to destroy him. She also discovers he’s done her family a terrible injury. When Lawrence risks everything to put things right for the woman he loves, Rose is forced to decide just how far she is prepared to go to save him.